6 Attacked in Stabbing Spree

(NewsSpace.com) – News stories about violence have grown all too common in our world. While the United States has certainly seen an uptick in these crimes over the past few years, other countries are not immune. A recent incident in Paris, France, demonstrates the global nature of this key issue with startling clarity.

On Wednesday, January 11, a man allegedly started stabbing people at the Gare du Nord train station. According to The Telegraph, the suspect used a weapon to injure six people. One of those individuals was hospitalized with severe wounds but is expected to live.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed the incident began just before 7 a.m., indicating that the weapon was homemade and “not a knife.” Authorities later confirmed it was a chisel.

The attack reportedly began as the suspect threw himself on a man outside the station. He stabbed the victim 15 times before continuing on to attack five others: a police officer and four civilians. Screaming drew the attention of law enforcement. One border force officer was stabbed in the back as he tried to subdue the suspect. Eventually, police shot the man and brought him to a local hospital, where he underwent treatment for life-threatening injuries.

Little is known about the attacker, though authorities believe the man likely gave them an alias. They suspect he may be a Libyan national who was ordered to leave the country but failed to depart. Even so, he’s not likely to be deported because of the serious unrest in Libya.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors say they currently have no evidence to suggest a motive for the gruesome attack. A criminal investigation into the matter is ongoing. Law enforcement agencies are not currently treating it as a terrorist incident.

The railway station was shut down while police handled the situation, which resulted in a total evacuation. It was up and running shortly after.

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