Amazon Hit With Antitrust Case

Amazon Hit With Antitrust Case

Amazon ANTI-TRUST Bombshell – This Could Ruin Them!

( – Amazon is a monster in the retail business. Jeff Bezos’ operation ranks second in the world in sales behind Walmart. People who shop online use the platform far more than any other. In California, however, officials believe the internet giant does far more than simply sell products — it unlawfully sets the market.

On September 14, the Golden State filed an anti-trust suit, claiming the company uses overly-aggressive tactics to bully its third-party sellers into raising their prices to match the Amazon base price. As a result, the filing alleges that Californians pay more for just about everything.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta pointed out in a news conference that the implications for the typical online consumer could be huge. The suit says the company punishes sellers who list their items on other platforms by removing key features from their Amazon stores. Buttons for immediate sales such as “Buy it Now” and “Add to Cart” disappear, costing valuable sales. Retailers are forced to either raise their prices elsewhere to the everything store standards or risk losing a huge chunk of their livelihood.

The case could have real implications for Amazon. California’s massive economy dealing with what could result in an across-the-board price cut could certainly spread to other states. The filing comes with a demand for a jury trial, so ultimately, Californians could have the last word.

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