Billionaire’s Treachery CALLED OUT – Putin’s Puppet Man EXPOSED

Fiona Hill Calls Elon Musk “Messenger” of Vladimir Putin

Fiona Hill Calls Elon Musk “Messenger” of Vladimir Putin

( – Fiona Hill is one of America’s foremost experts on Russia. Working for both Democratic and Republican administrations, she spent decades learning about the country as well as its current leader, President Vladimir Putin. She believes the Russian leader “preys on the egos of big men,” such as billionaire Elon Musk to help deliver messages to the West.

On October 17, POLITICO published an interview with Hill, and she gave her thoughts on the current situation in Ukraine. She believes the Tesla CEO’s recent suggestions about how to end the war originated from the Kremlin.

In truth, the war in Ukraine isn’t exactly going as planned. The invaded nation has fought back hard, trying to save lives and reclaim territory from Russia. Hill believes that with all the setbacks, Putin will only double down. She says his extreme solutions sometimes cut off other avenues, leaving little wiggle room to change his course once he commits.

Putin’s resolve is clear, but his end game is not. It seems unlikely that either side will simply cede and pull back. In the early days of the war, in another POLITICO interview, Hill warned of the Russian leader’s steadfast desire to win, going so far as to say she believes he’ll use nuclear weapons.

Do you think Musk is acting as a mouthpiece for the Kremlin inadvertently?

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