Dave Chappelle Attacker Sentenced to 9 Months

Dave Chappelle Attacker Sentenced to 9 Months

(NewsSpace.com) – Earlier this year, Will Smith went up on stage at the Academy Awards and slapped Chris Rock across the face for making a comment about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s, hair condition. It was dubbed the “slap heard around the world.” While this one made national news and went viral on social media, a similar incident happened with Dave Chappelle just over a month later — and this one was scarier. Now, the attacker has been sentenced to jail.

On May 3, Chappelle was in the middle of a skit at the Hollywood Bowl when a man rushed the stage, evading security. He tackled the comedian and then immediately ran off the stage, where he was arrested, but not before he took some blows from Chappelle’s friends. The assailant, 24-year-old Isaiah Lee, said he was triggered by part of the comedy set.

Despite having a weapon — a knife disguised as a gun, which he did not attempt to use — District George Gascon only charged Lee with misdemeanors, which carry less jail time. He settled for a lesser plea deal and, on Wednesday, December 14, was sentenced to 270 days (9 months) behind bars for his crimes.

Chappelle, in true comedic fashion, made a joke about the incident saying his friend, Jon Stewart, was part of the crowd attacking the assailant. He celebrated with his friends after the event and carried on.

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