Embalmers Discover Strange Clots in Bodies Starting in 2020

Embalmers Discover Strange Clots in Bodies Starting in 2020

Embalmers Make SHOCKING Discovery — It All Started In 2020

(NewsSpace.com) – The last few years have been very busy for funeral homes around the country with a surge in opioid deaths, the pandemic, and the ordinary deaths that happen every day. Embalmers have worked hard to prepare the bodies of those who have lost their lives. During the course of their work, some have reported odd findings.

According to reports, embalmers began seeing an uptick in blood clots in their patients in 2020 and 2021. While clotting is normal to some degree, many of the new clots show odd characteristics that set them apart from the typical specimen. The anomalies are long, fibrous, and lack the characteristics of blood. Mike Adams, a lab in Texas, told The Epoch Times that heavy metals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc don’t appear in the objects. He explained that may indicate they aren’t clotted blood but something else entirely.

Richard Hirschman, a licensed embalmer in Alabama, said that until 2020, the normal number of corpses with clotting was in the area of 5% to 10%. Since then, he estimates that 40% to 50% show the characteristic. While scientists know the basic chemical composition of the mysterious clots, there isn’t enough data yet for anyone to come to any solid, peer-reviewed conclusions.

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