How Will WW3 Start? Russia Gives Their Answer

Russia Would Escalate to WW3 if Ukraine Joins NATO

Russia Would Escalate to WW3 if Ukraine Joins NATO

( – In times of war, posturing is a common tactic. As the battle for territory rages in Europe, both Ukraine and Russia do their fair share. The latest news cycle, for example, involves a plea by Kyiv for emergency entry into NATO and Russia’s insistence that it would drag the entire world into the conflict. Neither scenario, however, seems likely to actually happen.

On October 13, Russian Security Council Deputy Secretary Alexander Venediktov told state news agency Tass his country would escalate to a third world war if NATO accepted Ukraine into its family of nations. He called the request a propaganda move and accused Kyiv of ignoring reality. Still, the official warned how, in any case, Russia’s reaction would be swift and severe.

The response comes after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for accelerated acceptance into the treaty organization following Russia’s move to annex Ukrainian territory in the country’s northeastern regions. Venediktov remarked NATO knows very well what that means for the entire international community.

NATO is unlikely to accept Ukraine anytime soon. The treaty requires all members to come to the aid of a member nation under siege. Ukraine would qualify by default, making the Russian official’s threats a certainty. The organization requires the endorsement of all 30 member states for admission.

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