Human Remains Thrown on Stage at Singer

Human Remains Thrown on Stage at Singer

( – Millions of people attend concerts every year, taking the time to go see their favorite performers live. Some even bring signs to draw their attention while they’re on stage. However, sometimes, things can get downright weird, as they recently did at a Pink concert.

Pink was in the middle of a set in London’s Hyde Park when a fan threw a plastic bag up on the stage. Fans throwing stuff on stage is nothing new; it happens all the time, despite venue and security warnings not to do so. However, this particular fan decided her mother needed to be part of the show. The only problem? Her mother was dead, and the plastic bag contained her ashes.

The singer was very confused when she saw the ashes, telling the fan she didn’t “know how to feel about” it. Pink didn’t let the weird interaction stop her as she placed the bag down on the stage again and continued singing “Just Like A Pill.”

Predictably, Twitter users had a lot to say about the incident. Some questioned why someone would throw something so personal on stage, while another asked how Pink even knew they were ashes. Then, there were the angered folks who told fans to stop throwing stuff on stage, putting the artists at risk.

Fans are told not to throw things on stage as they can harm the performers, who, while focusing on putting on their show, could fail to see a flying projectile coming their way. However, that very rarely serves to stop them. Singer Rexha was recently injured when a fan threw their phone, hitting her right in the face. She required stitches. Others injured by flying projectiles include Mick Jagger, who got hit with a chair in 1966, and Harry Styles, who got hit in the eye and injured when fans threw Skittles at him last year.

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