Judge Outwitted Trump Attorney Alina Habba, According to a Former Prosecutor

(NewsSpace.com) – Former President Donald Trump is facing a number of legal battles as of late. In addition to the 91 felony charges against him, he is also embroiled in a civil suit in New York over real estate fraud accusations. Last May, Trump was found liable for defamation and sexual abuse against the former magazine columnist, E. Jean Carroll, and ordered to pay $5 million, but continued to attack her. In his second trial on the matter, the judge seemingly boxed Trump’s attorney in.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani said that the judge in the E. Jean Carroll case, Lewis A. Kaplan, outplayed Trump attorney Alina Habba. Rahmani said Kaplan made it impossible for Trump to deny the allegations against him because he “essentially made Habba preview the questions she would ask [Trump], and Kaplan did a good job boxing them in.”

The judge achieved it by curtailing the attorney’s line of questioning and limiting what the former president could say in response. He also refused to allow the admission of an interview Carroll gave on CNN in 2019 in which Trump openly admitted that she glorifies sexual assault.

Rahmani acknowledges that “Trump tried to deviate from the judge’s order,” but that testimony was then struck from the record.

The former federal prosecutor then said what Trump was allowed to say—that he made the comments he did to protect himself and those around him—wouldn’t be significant enough to convince a jury. As it turns out, he was right.

The jury ruled in the trial on Friday, January 26, and found Trump guilty of defamation once again. While the previous award was $5 million and Carroll’s attorneys were seeking in excess of $10 million this time around, the jury apparently decided that was too little. They awarded her an astonishing $83.3 million in damages, $65 million in punitive damages, and $18.3 million in compensatory damages. He pledged to appeal the decision.

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