Justin Bieber Releases Footage Showing His Medical Condition

Justin Bieber Releases Footage Showing His Medical Condition

(NewsSpace.com) – Justin Bieber is well-known for his catchy R&B-pop blend hits and dominant stage presence. He’s been a force since he hit the scene with his Platinum debut single “One Time” in 2009. However, last year, Bieber canceled part of his world tour after revealing that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. He recently posted an update on his health status on Instagram.

On Wednesday, March 15, the 29-year-old singer posted side-by-side videos of his face with the caption on the first one saying, “wait for it.” He then teases the viewer for a few seconds before revealing he has regained full movement with a full smile. The video on the left is from last June, when Bieber had paralysis on one side, and it was very noticeable. He couldn’t blink an eye, and one nostril didn’t move.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same one that causes chickenpox and sometimes leads to shingles. Even after someone recovers from the common childhood affliction, the virus remains in their system for years and can re-emerge as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, as it did in the case of Bieber, or later in life as shingles.

There are a few common symptoms associated with the virus, like facial paralysis, earaches, and the presence of vesicles (fluid- or gas-filled structures). It can also lead to tinnitus, hearing loss, and aspiration in extreme cases. It’s also not uncommon for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome to occur in those who never had chickenpox but received the vaccination with the live virus.

While Bieber has seemingly recovered from the paralysis, he is still taking time off to recover. He initially postponed his tour with the intention of making up the dates but has since gone ahead and canceled the remaining shows. He has not spoken out publicly about the cancelations.

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