Man Who Inspired Hollywood Blockbuster DIES

Man Who Inspired “The Terminal” Dies at Airport

Man Who Inspired “The Terminal” Dies at Airport

( – Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal,” tells the fictitious story of a political refugee stranded at New York’s JFK Airport. The main character becomes a fixture at the facility, and a happy-go-lucky story ensues. In real life, however, Mehran Karimi Nasseri, the man Spielberg loosely based his story on, had a far more tragic life that only recently ended.

On November 12, police in Paris answered a call from Charles de Gaulle Airport, where Nasseri had suffered a heart attack. He had recently moved back to Terminal 2F, where he lived from 1988 to 2006, after a stay in a shelter. Unfortunately, first responders weren’t able to save him.

Nasseri’s tale is long and complicated. Born to an Iranian father and a British mother, he claimed he left Iran in 1974, before the revolution, and returned only to be imprisoned for speaking out against the shah. He was supposedly expelled without a passport, leaving him in the predicament at the airport in Paris.

Much like the film, Nasseri made friends with employees and became a bit of a celebrity with some passengers, but that’s about where the similarities ended. After some years and a couple of residency offers, it became clear the man may not have had the ability to function after nearly two decades without any form of normalcy.

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