Megyn Kelly to Gun Control Activists: “You Have Lost”

Megyn Kelly to Gun Control Activists: “You Have Lost”

( – There have been more than 200 mass shootings in the United States in 2023 so far, according to the Gun Violence Archive. One of the latest, at a mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday, May 6, claimed eight people’s lives and injured seven others. As always, the crime sparked more calls for gun reform. One SiriusXM host took to social media to inform gun control activists that they “have LOST.”

On the surface, the comment seems harsh, but Megyn Kelly wasn’t picking on the activists; she was saying it’s time to explore other avenues because the Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere. She posed the question, “Could we possibly talk OTHER SOLUTIONS?”

Kelly went on to offer some of her own solutions, which included more “mental health interventions,” as well as a secure mental facility that’s locked down yet “humane enough that a loving parent would send her kid there.”

The radio host said that the reason mass shootings keep happening is that nothing changes after each one. People get locked in debate, stalling any potential action that could minimize the number of occurrences around the country.

Naturally, she was met with a lot of resistance on Twitter, mostly by activists who believe gun reform and only gun reform is the answer. She lost her cool, swearing back at some of those who lobbed told her the Second Amendment is outdated and that lawmakers haven’t done enough to instill reforms. Kelly told one user that they were “ruining any chance at change” because they refused to accept that “the gun debate is lost.”

However, looking back at President Joe Biden’s triumphs, Kelly might be calling the debate “lost” too soon. In June 2022, President Joe Biden did manage to sign a gun safety legislation into law — the first in 30 years. Several states have also sought to tighten up restrictions on sales and open carry, some of which are currently working their way through the courts. It’s clear that proponents of gun control are refusing to give up the fight, but so are Second Amendment supporters.

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