Nearly Naked “Witches” Spotted Eating a Dead Deer

Nearly Naked “Witches” Spotted Eating a Dead Deer

( – You never know quite what you’re going to catch on video when you set up cameras outside. Corinea Stanhope of British Columbia decided to set up one to see what kind of wildlife a dead deer carcass on her property would attract. While she did see some critters, such as a bobcat, the camera also caught a very strange encounter.

Stanhope’s 76-year-old grandfather told her one day that he saw “naked people on the camera.” She didn’t believe him and had to see the footage for herself. When she reviewed it, there were, indeed, scantily clad women hovering over the carcass. She said it made her “feel sick” because one of the figures brought one of the dead animal’s hooves to her mouth. Stanhope said she wasn’t sure if the woman “was kissing it, smelling or eating it” but was concerned about the bacteria on the deer.

Instead of calling authorities, Stanhope decided to let it go — even though she was creeped out — because the figures weren’t engaging in any illegal activity. She also mentioned that her horses had been getting spooked recently and thought these women might be the reason for that.

Stanhope did make the video public, and naturally, it garnered a lot of attention — and speculation. Some said it had to be a prank, while others attributed the activity to Satanism.

Eating dead carcasses is nothing new. In fact, some states have made it legal to eat roadkill. In West Virginia, the town of Marlinton holds an annual Roadkill Cooking Festival. Several animals, including black bears, elk, possums, and even reptiles, are on the menu. In 2019, California passed a law making it legal for residents to take the animals they fatally hit home to eat as long as they get a “wildlife salvage permit.” These critters should be cooked and consumed within 12 hours in order to avoid spoilage.

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