NJ Councilwoman Shot Outside Her Home

NJ Councilwoman Shot Outside Her Home

(NewsSpace.com) – On Wednesday, February 1, Sayreville, New Jersey, was rocked by the death of a councilwoman. Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was shot and killed in her white SUV as she sat outside the townhouse complex where she lived. Her death has raised a lot of questions — and garnered very few answers.

At approximately 7:22 p.m., someone called 911 to report gunshots in the area. When police responded, they found Dwumfour dead in her vehicle, which had rolled into two other parked cars. There were spent shell casings around the SUV, but nobody else was injured in the incident, leading authorities to believe it was a targeted attack. However, they don’t believe it was related to her political role.

Police have not offered up much information about the investigation, saying that they’re still looking into the events surrounding Dwumfour’s death. According to ABC 7 News, authorities received a tip to look behind the apartment complex as witnesses may have seen the suspect flee in that direction. Neighbors and acquaintances were shocked by her passing and described Dwumfour as a “really sweet lady” who was always well-dressed.

In a press briefing for another case, the FBI was questioned about the councilwoman’s murder, asking if it was involved in the investigation. Special Agent in charge of the Newark Field Office, James Dennehy, revealed that the agency was “aware of that incident and … working with all of [its] partners” in the discovery process. There was no mention of the FBI’s involvement in an official capacity.

The murder happened in a state with some of the country’s strictest gun laws. Governor Phil Murphy (D) has gone so far as to ban concealed-carry in New Jersey, a move that’s received several legal challenges.

Dwumfour is survived by a young daughter and a husband who has yet to emigrate to the United States from Nigeria.

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