Plane Goes Down In FLAMES – But Then a MIRACLE Happens

Plane Crashes Into Building, But Everyone Inside Survived!

Plane Crashes Into Building, But Everyone Inside Survived

( – The Youth Group at Hope Chapel in Keene, New Hampshire, was playing a friendly game of dodgeball on Friday, October 21, when a nightmare unfolded a mere 30 feet away. A single-engine airplane fell from the sky and barrelled into the apartment building next door, exploding into a bright-red fireball. Rescue crews arrived at the scene of a badly damaged, burning building, and yet somehow — everyone inside survived.

On October 21, the Beechcraft Sierra took off from the local airport in Keene, crashing shortly thereafter. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the disaster, but offered no further information. The two people on board died in the crash. The board and the FAA confirmed the plane belongs to Monadnock Aviation.

Children from the youth group next door scrambled in a panic when the plane crashed, watching in horror as the blaze unfolded before their eyes. Their pastor, Nathaniel Stiles, told The Boston Globe he saw the accident happen from his window and has concerns about the trauma they witnessed. He also commented how he believes the fact the plane crashed where it did, in a building with so many residents next to a church campus full of kids, that there was divine intervention.

There were eight people inside the apartment building, which was so badly damaged it’s now uninhabitable. Not only did all of them survive, but they all walked away without physical injuries. What psychological toll the event may have could be another story.

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