Putin BETRAYS Allies In Worst Way Imaginable — First Responders Horrified

Russian Military Refuses To Treat Volunteer Soldiers For Injuries

Russian Military Refuses To Treat Volunteer Soldiers for Injuries

(NewsSpace.com) – The Russian military is accused of using brutal tactics in its war with Ukraine. It’s not just the opposing troops and civilians in danger, however. Reports now accuse the invading force of refusing to give aid to their own volunteer forces.

On September 18, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released a statement accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops of abandoning their own. Hospitals in the Donbas region allegedly turned away volunteers because they had no official military classification. The injured soldiers were left behind to fend for themselves when the retreat sounded, leading to some situations in which the Ukrainians say personnel losses for Moscow reached 100%

UK Chief of Defence Staff Adm. Sir Tony Radakin told the BBC that the scales tipping toward Ukraine is due to a number of key failures by the Russian president, who overestimated the resilience of both Ukraine’s military and its people. The international community’s response was swift and grows stronger with time.

On top of all of the issues on the ground, Putin also has the International Criminal Court to consider. Prosecuting a case of war crimes may not be an easy task, but may be necessary. Between allegations of genocide and the seemingly flagrant disregard for basic nuclear safety protocols, charges may just happen.

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