Putin Tires Of Empty Threats — Says He’s For Real This Time

Putin Says He's

Putin Says He’s “Not Bluffing” About Using Nukes

(NewsSpace.com) – Ukraine recently went on a major offensive against Russian invaders in its country, using weapons given to its military by Western nations. The attacks reportedly shocked Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The leader outlined a response that included a threat.

Putin announced he planned to mobilize as many as 300,000 reservists. He also threatened nuclear war against nations in the West who he alleges have pushed anti-Russia policies. The authoritarian leader later said he was “not bluffing.”

On September 21, Keir Giles, a senior consulting fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, penned an opinion piece for The Guardian outlining Putin’s ominous warnings of the past. The expert points out the most obvious blunder in the president’s own words. In his latest threat, the aging authoritarian said, “It’s not a bluff.” To the Chatham analyst, the statement is very telling.

There would be no reason for someone to say, “It’s not a bluff,” unless they have a history of doing just that, which Putin certainly does. Giles points out how, while the talk is tough, the actual doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons in Russia is far more strict than its leader lets on.

In another report on Russia and its use of nukes, Chatham House determined that, although the rules of engagement are definitely less strict than those in the West, talk of nukes is little more than propaganda and political posturing.

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