Secret Human Experiment Bunker Found From WWII

( – World War II began in September 1939 after Germany invaded Poland and went on to last a day over six years. It involved 30 countries and is the deadliest conflict to have taken place in history. During this time, Unit 731 — also known as Kamo Detachment, Manshu Detachment 731, and the Ishii Unit after Surgeon General Shirō Ishii — carried out experiments, essentially using humans as test subjects. It was originally formed as a legitimate research group but developed into something much more sinister. Now, more than 80 years after its creation, the “terror” bunker the group used to carry out its atrocities has been uncovered.

The structure, which was built in 1941 during Japan’s occupation of China, was uncovered by Chinese archaeologists recently in Anda, confirming its existence. From the time of its creation up through 1945, when Japan surrendered, Unit 731 used the bunker to carry out chemical warfare and biological experiments that ranged from dehydrating prisoners of war to spinning them in centrifuges until they died.

The unit also reportedly unleashed the terrors of pathogens that could’ve wiped out the entire planet’s human population. Prisoners were subjected to bacterial bombs and infected with various diseases. Some of the experiments also included frostbite testing, where prisoners’ appendages were frozen and then defrosted by various methods, and syphilis testing. It’s estimated that more than 12,000 people, including women and children, died as a result.

While the bunker has been discovered, nobody has breached its interior yet, so the exact purposes of the rooms — which exist within a series of tunnels — haven’t been determined.

Despite the gruesome nature of the bunker and the crimes of humanity that occurred there, the individuals involved with Unit 731 were never held responsible for its activities. Instead, the United States reportedly granted the unit’s leaders immunity in exchange for data derived from the experiments.

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