Security Guard Accidentally Shoots Himself With Own Gun

Security Guard Accidentally Shoots Himself With Own Gun

( – Gun safety is paramount for those who carry firearms. Knowing how to properly holster a gun and engage the safety when it’s not in use can help prevent serious accidents. A security guard has recently been hospitalized after his gun went off accidentally.

On Sunday, March 5, a security guard for Ari Emanuel, CEO of Endeavor, which owns the UFC, was patrolling the area around Emanuel’s home when he accidentally shot himself. Police were called to the scene of the Beverly Hills, California, property to evaluate the situation. It’s suspected that the guard, who remains unnamed, was either trying to adjust the weapon in its holster or was changing in his vehicle when the gun discharged.

According to reports, the weapon fired, hitting the man in the leg, though it’s not known exactly where the bullet struck. Additionally, while he was rushed to the hospital, authorities have not released any information on his condition. Police have said they believe the entire incident was accidental.

Accidental shootings, unfortunately, do happen, and this is just one incident. According to the John Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, nearly 30,000 people are admitted to the hospital each year for unintentional firearm injuries and the vast majority of these people survive the incident. They account for 37% of all nonlethal gun injuries but only 2% of the gun death total.

In order to safely handle a gun, it’s important to follow a few steadfast rules. All gun owners should take a training course, for example, to learn how to properly handle the weapon. These types of classes are available in all states. It’s also important that when handling a gun, one treats it as though it were loaded and never points it directly at someone. This can cut down on accidental injuries, fatal or otherwise.

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