Serial Killer Had 22 Victims—Why Wasn’t He Stopped Earlier?

( – In 2022, Billy Chemirmir, an accused serial killer, was convicted of two capital murder offenses in the 2018 deaths of Lu Thi Harris and Mary Brooks, both elderly women. All in all, he’s accused of murdering 22 women by smothering them. He was caught by police in March 2018, after he attacked 91-year-old Mary Annis Bartel, who survived. The topic of his crimes recently came up during a talk show with Glenn Beck.

Beck says America doesn’t “know this story because it is an old person dying,” and accuses law enforcement of failing to carry out “basic police work” when it came to the many deaths happening in Texas several years ago. He details several incidents where multiple women were killed in the same facilities, including one where Chemirmir was arrested for trespassing and sentenced to 70 days in jail for the crime. Family members of the deceased in these senior centers would report valuables missing, and still Beck says “it elicited no investigation from the police [or] from the facility management.

The CEO of Blaze Media says he’s horrified that Texas isn’t seeking the death penalty against a man who has committed so many atrocities, and “they’re getting away with it,” because he claims the story is relatively unknown.

The fact is, Chemirmir’s crimes and his trial were extensively covered in the media. He loitered at the facilities and posed as a maintenance worker at times to gain entry into the victims’ rooms. When the attacks kept happening in 2018, police eventually reconsidered what were presumed “natural” deaths and discovered that the suspect was killing the women for their valuables. The motive was purely based on money.

In the end, authorities charged Chemirmir with 22 counts of murder. Dallas County prosecutors only took him to trial for two of the 13 murders in the county, seeking life sentences instead of the death penalty, even though they were capital offenses. The suspect maintains that he is innocent. It’s not clear whether he will go to trial for the nine counts he faces in Collin County.

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