They Want To Evict A Man Who’s Lived In Home He’s Lived In For 50 Years

( – There are many interesting homes around the world, from the tiny dwellings people use to reduce their carbon footprint to the lavish mansions that span tens of thousands of square feet. Then, there are those that draw the attention of passersby, like the cave-dwelling that 77-year-old Nissim Kahlon has actively worked on for more than 50 years. Now, Israeli officials are trying to evict him from his home of over half a century.

A Beachside Cave Home

When it came to setting up his home, Kahlon diverted from the beaten path and decided to create what eventually became an elaborate beachside structure. His home sits on a Mediterranean beach in Israel and often draws a lot of attention because it looks like a large sand castle.

Kahon has worked on the dwelling for many years, carving out tunnels, stairs, chambers, and adding mosaic floors. It has plumbing and even a phone line so he can stay connected. Curious onlookers are often invited to see the home, but if Israel has its way, Kahon will have to vacate before long. He recently received an eviction notice from the Environmental Protection Ministry, which says his home is not only an illegal structure but a threat to the country’s coastline. The ministry insists it has actively been trying to evict the 77-year-old man from his home since 2016, but the Herzliya municipality isn’t addressing the situation properly.

Kahlon readily admits that he never got the required permits to begin building the structure, but he also calls into question the fact that decades ago, authorities connected his house to the electrical grid.

His cave structure, which resembles an elaborate sandcastle, is surrounded by luxury homes in the area and is a short distance from a Crusader castle.

Not the First Eviction Notice

This isn’t the first time Kahlon has faced opposition to his home and the efforts of those around him to vacate the premises. In 1974, he received a demolition order, but nothing ever came of it. In the years after that, Kahlon opened a restaurant on the beach, which authorities shut down.

Kahlon says he isn’t going anywhere and that he has “nowhere to go … no other home.” In fact, he said he’s ready for authorities “to bury [him]” in the structure. For now, the eviction notice issued by the Environmental Protection Ministry is on hold to give Kahlon the chance to appeal, and a crowdfunding campaign is underway to raise money to help him fight.

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