Three Elephants Wander Loose Through India Hospital

Three Elephants Wander Loose Through India Hospital

Three Supersized Guests Enter Hospital — Staff’s Reaction Is PRICELESS

( – Elephants are the largest land animals on earth, with thick wrinkled skin that helps collect water to keep them cool in their harsh environments. In India, they live in the wild, and that’s where they usually stay. Something they don’t normally do, however, is trouncing through buildings occupied by humans. But that’s exactly what three of them did recently.

The astonishing travels of three Indian elephants will forever live in internet lore after their September 3 invasion of a military camp medical center in West Bengal. The giant animals appear at the end of a hallway, turning into a doorway one of the huge beasts is clearly too big for. After some shuffling, the floppy-eared behemoth makes its way through, followed by the other two smaller animals. It’s unclear how the animals escaped the building.

While the video of the invasion was certainly amusing, it was also disturbing. Human encroachment into natural habitats is one of the reasons animals end up in those types of predicaments. That problem is also the number one cause of extinction in modern times.

While this incident is definitely not something people in elephant-rich countries see regularly, it isn’t unprecedented. An elephant was found in a kitchen in Thailand in 2021, looking for food. During the lockdowns during the pandemic, herds of the animals were seen roaming the streets.

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