Ukraine Confirms Nuclear Plant Went Offline After Shelling

Ukraine Confirms Nuclear Plant Went Offline After Shelling

Nuclear Plant OFFLINE – Shots Fired!

( – Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, the imminent threat of a nuclear catastrophe began. Indirect assaults on atomic facilities created dangerous situations early on, leading to personnel shortages and safety issues that still present challenges for Ukrainian plant operators. Recent fighting in the Donetsk region over the weekend caused a fire resulting in the shutdown of one of the 10 largest reactors in the world.

On September 5, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that the plant at Zaporizhzhia is offline. The station is likely operating in “island mode,” a dangerously unstable way to keep power flowing for critical internal systems. It was necessary to take the facility offline, disconnecting its sole remaining live transmission line to extinguish a fire.

Officials confirmed to the IAEA that the plant would reconnect as soon as workers extinguished a fire. The blaze happened when Russian troops shelled the area, ignoring the warnings of scientists in the control room shouting over the loudspeakers — pleading with them to stop.

Ukrainian plants can withstand natural disasters and airline crashes, but the right type of missile might just make the difference and trigger an unrestricted atomic reaction. A full meltdown of a six-reactor facility would be worse than the Chernobyl disaster and could have a worldwide impact.

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