Ukraine Investigator Makes GRIM Discovery – Torture Room?!

Ukraine Investigators Discover Russian

Ukraine Investigators Discover Russian “Torture Room”

( – The sentiment “war never changes” seems to ring true, even to this day; unfortunately, horrors of war from the past are still real. In the midst of the occupation of Kherson, Ukraine, by Russian forces, a youth detention center allegedly became a torture chamber. Neighbors and shopkeepers described unidentifiable soldiers dressed head to toe in black dragging people with hoods over their heads into the building… and hearing their screams.

On November 16, Ukrainian investigators believe they uncovered the alleged torture room after reclaiming the city. Dozens of men were held there, enduring beatings, electrocution, and — in some cases — death.

The men who came out were beaten and disoriented, a witness named Ira told The Guardian. She says locals gave them bus money when they came asking where they were. As to why the men were detained and beaten, there seems to be little rhyme or reason. A retirement-aged man named Vitaliy Serdiuk was beaten so badly for four days that he’s still afraid to leave the house. He was tortured to pay for his son’s service in the Ukrainian military.

Zhenia Dremo, a man who was beaten by Russian troops, estimated that the facility has 23 cells, with each cell holding up to eight people. If he’s correct, it suggests there could have been up to 180 people at a time housed there.

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