US Fighter Jet Fires Shots After High Altitude Object Spotted

US Fighter Jet Fires Shots After High Altitude Object Spotted

( – There’s been a lot of noise lately about objects flying over the US and through military airspace. On Wednesday, February 1, a Chinese spy balloon was spotted over Montana, creating a huge uproar in the media and from Republican lawmakers. The state is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, home to one of America’s three nuclear missile silo fields. A few days later, the Air Force shot it down off the coast of South Carolina. Since then, the US has downed three more “unidentified objects.”

Last week, due to heightened concerns over the Chinese spy balloon, the military deployed fighter jets to shoot down objects over both Alaska and Canada. Then, on Sunday, February 12, it shot down another object over Lake Huron, the fourth in eight days. At a press briefing, Assistant Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense Melissa Dalton said the agency has “been more closely scrutinizing [the US’] airspace at these altitudes.”

Officials do not know yet what the object was but aren’t ruling out anything — including UFOs. It seems the objects are different in structure as well. The one shot down on Saturday in Canada was another balloon, but significantly smaller than the one downed off South Carolina’s coast. The object flying over Canada was cylindrical and resembled an airship. The Associated Press reported that Pentagon officials consider the presence of these airborne vessels in foreign airspace an unusual phenomenon to be occurring during peacetime.

Some are questioning the response in shooting the objects down, as government officials have said there is no security concern. Still, authorities are looking to identify the objects and determine their origin. The matter is particularly concerning among lawmakers and security experts if they came from China.

In the meantime, the government is continuing to monitor the radar for any more of these unidentified objects.

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