US Intelligence Reveals Face Behind Deadly Attack — Guess Who?

US Intelligence Says Ukraine Was Behind Deadly Car Bomb

US Intelligence Says Ukraine Was Behind Deadly Car Bomb

( – Darya Dugina was a Russian political commentator, well-known in ultranationalist circles. She and her father, philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, advocated for a return to the glory days of imperialism, pushing heavily for the Kremlin to step up its aggression in Ukraine.

On August 21, someone detonated a car bomb, killing Dugina instantly. While there’s little official word on the killing from anyone involved, sources in the US government believe Ukraine is the culprit.

A Complete Surprise, As Usual

US officials, speaking to The New York Times on condition of anonymity, say Ukraine’s aggressive incursions into Russian territory for the purpose of political assassinations is counter-productive. American intelligence had no idea Dugina or her father were being targeted at all, and they certainly would have advised against it. Killing the 29-year-old serves little to no purpose other than handing Russian President Vladimir Putin and his staunchest supporters a battlefield martyr to rally around.

The source did say the US government sent word admonishing the action but failed to supply any further information, such as who did the scolding and what Ukrainian department or official took the call. Officially, the State Department’s last comment on Ukraine was one of support.

Officials are frustrated with Ukraine’s secrecy, insisting the right path is to keep an open dialogue between the two countries. The Ukrainian government, for its part, denies any involvement in the bombing. Another point of contention for US shot-callers is the lack of communication between the Ukrainian military and its allies in the West. While American intelligence agencies willfully hand over tactical data, their counterparts in Kyiv seem reluctant to share what they’re doing with the info.

The latest major Ukrainian operation, the retaking of thousands of square miles of territory in the East, showed notable improvement in both transparency and cooperation. The US and UK shared intelligence information and worked with the invaded nation to develop a battle plan the underdog country could implement on the ground.

Worries of Escalation

A primary concern for the international community is escalation. Putin already called up 300,000 Russian reservists, threatened the world with a nuclear war that is “not a bluff,” and moved to officially annex portions of Ukraine in the name of Mother Russia. The smaller nation refuses to give up its territories without a fight and maintains the annexation votes are shams. US officials worry high-profile killings with little tactical value will ultimately strengthen Moscow’s resolve to continue its incursion.

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