US Tried To Stop Ukraine’s Planned Assassination Plot

US Tried To Stop Ukraine's Planned Assassination Plot

( – The war between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for most of this year. It’s no secret the invading country has lost tens of thousands of troops, which has made them reliant on far less experienced soldiers. Because morale became so low at one point, Russia decided to put its generals on the front line — but they quickly became targets for Ukraine. Recently, a report revealed that the United States warned Ukraine against killing one military official, specifically: Gen. Valery Gerasimov.

The New York Times reported the US was keeping track of Russia’s military, using their inconvenient positions near antennas and other communications buildings to pinpoint their locations. When the government learned Gen. Gerasimov was heading to the front lines, they initially kept the intel from Ukraine but then warned against them carrying out an attack that would likely incite more violence. The end goal was to avoid an all-out war between Russia and the US.

Unfortunately, the US’ warning to Ukraine came too late. An attack was already underway — but Gerasimov was not among the casualties.

The report does not indicate when this warning occurred, but it shows how close to the ground the United States keeps its intel.

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