Victimized American Reveals HORRIFIC FBI Treatment

Owner of Area 51 Website Gets Raided by FBI

Owner of Area 51 Website Gets Raided by FBI

( – Joerg Arnu started an Area 51-themed website,, in 1999. It displays satellite images of the infamous Air Force base, drone footage from the area, discussion forums, and articles based on and around what most would call theories and urban legends. Something about his site, however, drew the attention of federal investigators.

On November 17, Air Force and FBI agents raided Arnu’s home and took several of his devices. The problem for the Groom Lake enthusiast is he has no idea what he did wrong.

A Pretty Big Deal

Nellis Air Force Base Spokesman Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry confirmed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Arnu was under investigation by both the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) and the Las Vegas FBI. He had nothing else to offer other than assurances the situation is an “open and ongoing law enforcement investigation.”

According to Arnu, the bust wasn’t a knock-at-the-door or a request for information, but an all-out raid. He says up to 20 agents in tactical gear took him and his girlfriend into the freezing cold without warning while they rummaged through his house and took whatever they wanted. Feds raided another of the entrepreneur’s unoccupied properties as well.

Arnu says between the equipment they took and the damage to his properties, the raid cost him about $25,000.

On November 19, Arnu still had no clue what crime was under investigation, only that it had something to do with his website. Fox News Digital reported the Area 5 website owner says he hasn’t been charged and nobody will get back to him so he can have access to his stored passwords for vital records. “Crickets from the feds,” he explained.

Nothing New For Area 51

The top-secret base is, undoubtedly, very much a secret. Employees fly in and out of the facility from a restricted gate at Harry Reid International Airport, and secrecy isn’t negotiable. The entire area is under constant surveillance. Rumors of alien technology from an unconfirmed UFO crash near Roswell began the spaceman craze, and it’s still alive and well.

Not only is the area a favorite destination for enthusiasts but also for thieves. Robert Lazar rose to infamy in 1989 when he claimed he had personally worked inside the facility and had first-hand knowledge of alien activity. The man convinced a lot of people that he saw actual alien autopsy photos and that the government used the base to research a crashed alien craft.

Ultimately, Lazar was exposed as a fraud. Still, his antics sparked a new generation of conspiracy theories about the government’s involvement with alien bodies and tech that are still popular in some corners of the internet.

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