Wheel of Fortune Host Tackles Guest on TV

Wheel of Fortune Host Tackles Guest on TV

(NewsSpace.com) – “Wheel of Fortune” is one of those game shows that’s been around forever, having aired continuously since 1975. The current host and hostess, Pat Sajak and Vanna White, have been the faces of the show since the early 1980s. Over the years, there have been some notable episodes and winners. Now, fans have another one to add to the books.

During the episode that aired on Tuesday, March 21, a contestant named Fred Fletcher-Jackson played a perfect game. He has a host of careers to his name, including bar trivia host, drama teacher, and professional wrestler. He said he might not make WWE money, but he thoroughly enjoys wrestling “for fun.”

After Fred won the game, things took an interesting turn. Sajak turned to the remaining players and asked them if, because the winning contestant is a wrestler, they wanted him to bodyslam Fred. They answered in the affirmative, and Sajak obliged.

In an awkward move, the “Wheel of Fortune” host tried to put Fred in what’s known as a “chicken wing.” The move quickly went viral and in true fashion, garnered mixed reactions from those on social media. Some loved it, commenting on the “showdown with Pat vs. another contestant,” while others were bewildered, asking what the host was thinking and criticizing him for attempting to be playful.

Fletcher-Jackson spoke out in an interview with TMZ and said people need to cut Sajak some slack. In his defense of the game show host, he said that he loved the move, which was totally spontaneous and not at all scripted, and Sajak was simply being funny when he did it. The contestant also said he wasn’t faking not being able to get out of the hold; Sajak is that strong. He was quick to reassure viewers that despite the fact that “[Sajak} had me so tight that I wasn’t going anywhere,” he wasn’t in any pain.

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