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US M1 Abrams Tanks Head to Ukraine

(NewsSpace.com) - The war in Ukraine is now entering its 19th month, and there's seemingly no end in sight. During this time, the United...

Former Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Faces Legal Consequences

(NewsSpace.com) - In 2015, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. That same year, Kim Davis, a...

Teen’s Flu-Like Symptoms Result in Amputation

(NewsSpace.com) - Flu symptoms can come on without warning and escalate into something far more serious, which is why it's important to seek medical...

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Woman Accused of Impersonating Firefighter

(NewsSpace.com) - Most people know that impersonating a law enforcement official is a crime, but so is pretending to be a firefighter. In most...

Spy Disaster Unfolds Involving “Russiagate” People

(NewsSpace.com) - For years now, there's been a lot of focus on "Russiagate," the supposed collusion between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russian agents to...

Serial Killer Had 22 Victims—Why Wasn’t He Stopped Earlier?

(NewsSpace.com) - In 2022, Billy Chemirmir, an accused serial killer, was convicted of two capital murder offenses in the 2018 deaths of Lu Thi...

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