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Warden And Eight Employees Charged After Deaths Of Inmates

(NewsSpace.com) - When someone goes to jail or prison, they retain their civil rights. However, some facilities have come under scrutiny in recent years...

Eiffel Tower Coffins Stunt Has Alleged Russian Origins

(NewsSpace.com) - The Eiffel Tower is the most popular landmark in France, with an estimated 7 million visitors a year flocking to the monument....

John Ramsey Says Police In Colorado Are “Just Waiting” For Him To Pass Away

(NewsSpace.com) - It's been nearly 28 years since JonBenet Ramsey died on Christmas Day in 1996. The child beauty queen was murdered in her...

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Zelenskyy Asked West To Step Up Their Defense Of His Country

(NewsSpace.com) - The Russo-Ukraine war is in its third year, now, and there's no end in sight. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been relentless...

Democrats Want To “Swiftly” Reclassify Marijuana

(NewsSpace.com) - There's been a years-long debate as to whether marijuana should be reclassified. Despite it being decriminalized in many states, the Drug Enforcement...

Head Of Human Smuggling Operation Gets Decade In Prison

(NewsSpace.com) - Human smuggling is a serious, yet common crime. Those who are caught helping people gain illegal entry into a country end up...

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