Actor Jonathan Majors Sued For Assault And Defamation

( – Jonathan Majors is a Hollywood actor who has some major film credits to his name. Unfortunately, he’s also been convicted of abuse and sued by his former girlfriend. The civil suit is bringing a swath of allegations against the actor.

Grace Jabbari, an actress and dancer, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, March 19, in a Manhattan federal court. According to the Guardian, legal documents show she’s accusing him of “a pattern of pervasive domestic abuse” that took place over the course of two years. The charges outlined include assault, battery, malicious prosecution, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The suit outlines several instances where Majors allegedly targeted Jabbari, including one in September 2022. She alleges that while in London, he “started hitting [her] head against [a] marble floor while strangling her.” Jabbari said she was injured in the incident and had “brain fog” as well as “a constant ringing headache,” but Majors talked her out of getting treatment, threatening to kill himself if she did.

In addition to allegations of abuse, Jabbari claims Major has defamed her, calling her “a liar at every turn,” to destroy her reputation and “convinc[e] the world that [she] is not a victim of domestic abuse,” but rather “a crazy liar.” She says the abuse started in 2021, verbally, before escalating to physical violence in 2022.

Jabbari is demanding a jury trial and is seeking punitive and compensatory damages. Majors’ attorney said the move isn’t surprising and that Majors had counterclaims of his own he would be introducing, but would not elaborate.

Majors was previously convicted of misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault stemming from an altercation between the two in March 2023. He is due to be sentenced on April 8. Following the conviction, the actor was dropped from the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. He was supposed to feature in an upcoming film.

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