Alleged Assassination Plots Spurs Zelenskyy Into Action

( – Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been the subject of multiple assassination attempts. His high-ranking officials have also been targeted. Now, he’s ordered the clearing of the state guard service’s ranks following the revelation of a new plot.

In May, the State Security Service (SBU), which provides security to government officials, said it had caught two colonels working with Russia in an assassination plot. The two men, who had been recruited before the February 2022 invasion, were detained on suspicion of collaborating with Russia’s Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, and treason. The latter carries a life sentence.

The plot targeted Zelenskyy, the country’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, and other high-ranking officials. The discovery of the plot led to the firing of Serhiy Rud.

On Monday, the Ukrainian president introduced his new head of the country’s state guard, Colonel Oleksiy Morozov, who was replacing Rud. Morozov has a big responsibility on his shoulders, as Zelenskyy has tasked him with ensuring only those who support Ukraine fully join the agency. Then, he noted that it “must be cleared of anyone who chooses not Ukraine for themselves or discredits the” SBU.

President Zelenskyy acknowledges that there have been multiple attempts on his life. In 2022 alone, he said there were 10 such plots. That number has certainly increased as the war has entered its third year. In April, a Polish man was arrested on allegations of trying to work with Russia’s military intelligence to take out the leader.

The war in Ukraine is showing no signs of abating anytime soon. Both sides have recently exchanged more fire. Ukraine fired an ATACMS missile at Russia on Sunday, injuring more than 150 and killing at least four, while Russia retaliated on Monday with two Iskander-M ballistic missiles that struck civilian territory, damaging buildings and wounding dozens in Pokrovsk.

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