Anger at Israel and Hamas Is Growing in Gaza

( – It’s been four months since Hamas attacked Israel, setting off a firestorm of war between the two sides. With nearly 2 million people displaced in Gaza and Hamas not backing down anytime soon, anger is beginning to fester towards both the Jewish State and the militant group

In the Gaza Strip, one resident, Adnan Abdelaal, spoke with NPR about the situation he’s endured over the past several months. He’s been to four different locations and has had to flee every time. Now, he’s looking for a new place to sleep every night.

One of the things Abdelaal says about Hamas is that they seemingly didn’t think things through when they went after Israel. He said none of the residents “receive[d] any warning to leave.” Abdelaal, himself, has already been to several different locations. He initially escaped the neighborhood he called home when it was bombed. Then he was sheltering inside a United Nations school. But that, too, was bombed. From there, he went to central Gaza before fleeing south, and no matter how far he goes, the Israeli military continues to encroach.

Where dissent was formerly prohibited and punished, it’s now widespread. But the anger isn’t just directed at Hamas; it’s directed at Israel, too. Abdelaal has four words for the ongoing battle: “Enough Israel, enough Hamas.”

When Hamas attacked Israel, it was the deadliest assault in the country’s history. Almost 1,200 unsuspecting victims were killed. However, in Gaza, it’s estimated that tens of thousands of Palestinians have met the same fate, including women and children. Residents who lived in homes are now sheltering in tents.

When there was an inkling that a cease-fire would occur, cheers rang out in the streets of Gaza. Yet, the excitement was quickly dimmed by Hamas’ list of demands. According to recent polling, the majority of Palestinians still support Hamas but believe that the militant group sorely misjudged how the situation would play out. And now, they’re all paying for it.

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