Animal Day Care Worker Accused of Swinging Dogs Above His Head by Their Leashes

( – When people take their pets to a daycare center, they expect that they will be treated well while they’re there. What they don’t expect is that their animals will be abused. Yet, that’s exactly what a 21-year-old man from Nassau County, New York, is accused of doing. He’s now facing criminal charges as a result.

On Sunday, December 10, Nassau County law enforcement arrested Andrew Laurendi on charges of animal cruelty, failing to provide sustenance, and torturing or injuring an animal. He worked as a groomer at Pawllywood Dog Day Care, located in Massapequa, New York, on Long Island, when he allegedly swung dogs above his head from their leashes and allowed them to just fall to the ground after. Authorities confiscated videos that reportedly show him mistreating the dogs.

Additionally, Laurendi is accused of smashing some of the pups’ faces into a fence multiple times. One of the poor animals suffered serious injuries to its paw and needed emergency treatment.

Naturally, the public response was anything but kind toward Laurendi, who has since been fired from the facility. One local resident speaking to CBS News said “any well-adjusted person” wouldn’t think an action “like that could be a joke.” Another suggested Laurendi be treated exactly as he treated the dogs in his care.

Some patrons of the facility do believe it was an isolated series of incidents and say their dogs have received nothing but love while at the daycare, though others were horrified to hear of the allegations against the former dog groomer.

When CBS News called Pawllywood Dog Day Care, an employee noted that it was “very unfortunate” and that everyone who worked there was “very upset that it happened” and that the matter would be handled by corporate offices.

Laurendi is scheduled to appear in court again on December 21.

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