Biden A “Much Worse Threat” Than Trump, Argues Kennedy

( – When Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) entered the presidential race, he did so as a Democrat before switching to run as an independent. He faces some stiff competition—if he makes it onto enough ballots—in the presumptive nominees, former President Donald Trump and current commander-in-chief, Joe Biden. However, he has an opinion on who would be the better option.

In a recent interview on CNN, RFK Jr. spoke with Erin Burnett about the competition he faces. He had criticisms about both Trump and Biden, but said he could argue that the latter is “the much worse threat to democracy.” The independent claims that the president “has used the federal agencies to censor political speech,” referencing a case before the Supreme Court filed by Republican attorneys general alleging the federal government went too far in their efforts to pressure social media platforms to monitor content.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was quick to respond to Kennedy’s claims, with senior adviser Mary Beth Cahill noting that the reason he made that statement was because two of his accounts—Facebook and Instagram—were barred after he pushed conspiracy theories. She also added that his comments made it crystal clear that he’s not running to be a “spoiler candidate,” as was evident in his “pushing his MAGA points.”

RFK also touched on Trump’s behavior, saying that he isn’t as much of a threat, despite “him trying to overthrow the election.” He continued, saying that “someone who questions election returns” isn’t the greatest threat. Kennedy later walked back those comments when he spoke with Chris Cuomo of News Nation, saying that he was misunderstood and doesn’t believe either candidate is a threat.

RFK’s words were an echo of Biden’s, ones that the president said about Trump at a recent event. Biden insists that his predecessor poses many threats, but the greatest is the threat he poses to America’s democracy.

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