Chinese Envoy Meets With A Hamas Leader In Qatar To Strengthen Ties

( – When Hamas attacked Israel in early October, Israel took on the mission of eradicating the militant group. Many countries and coalitions have condemned the terrorists’ actions, but one nation is standing by them. A Chinese Foreign Ministry official recently met with a Hamas delegation.

On Tuesday, March 19, Hamas released a statement revealing that a delegation, led by Isma’il Haniya, met with Chinese diplomat Wang Kejian, the former ambassador to Lebanon, in Qatar. Wang visited Egypt, the West Bank, and Israel before he met with the militant group. Both sides “exchanged views on the Gaza conflict and other issues,” per a brief Foreign Ministry readout. That included “the ways to stop the war” as well as “the delivery of urgent aid.”

Both sides affirmed that they enjoy “close and historical relations” and China’s unwavering position on recognizing Hamas “as a legitimate part of the Palestinian fabric.” Wang also noted that “China is acting to preserve the relations” with the group.

China is urging the countries to not just engage in a ceasefire but to come up with a two-state solution that would satisfy both parties. Beijing is also reportedly “deeply concerned” about the conflict, which has now seen more than 31,000 Palestinians killed and millions displaced. China has also become increasingly outspoken about the war and has called for Israeli Defense Forces to withdraw from Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has doubled down on his intent to “eradicate” the group. He has even pledged to invade Rafah, where more than 1 million Palestinians have fled to get away from the violence. Yet, despite warnings from multiple countries, including the US, a top official in Israel has pledged to enter Rafah “even if the entire world turns on Israel, including the United States.” Netanyahu has spoken with Senate Republicans, but Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has refused his attempts to speak with Democrats.

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