Chinese Military Satellites Track Every Step America Takes

( – When former President Donald Trump established the Space Force in 2019, many people thought it was a joke and criticized the move. However, with the increasing threat of a nuclear war and the desire for countries to monitor other nations’ military assets, the space race has been one of the most critical the world has seen. China and the United States are at the forefront. Now, one deputy chief is warning that the Asian adversary is making some serious strides.

On Thursday, May 2, while speaking at a conference, Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Intelligence Maj. Gen. Greg Gagnon warned that China has already developed a sophisticated satellite system that could be used to monitor US troops aiding Taiwan. He cautioned that the system was specifically designed “to provide indications and warnings of sailors, marines, and airmen, trying to move west, if directed, to defend freedom.”

While he wouldn’t discuss the program in too much detail, citing sensitive data, he said they would “be inside a rapidly expanding weapons engagement zone,” an advantage that “few countries have.”

While the US has had military satellites for quite some time now, Gagnon said that China has become adept at tracking targets and potentially striking them at very long distances. Military experts say that China is trying to go where no one has before, and its weapons are capable of taking out even US satellites. There’s even the grand notion that China could possibly be preparing to use the moon to carry out attacks.

US military leaders are now calling on leadership to boost the country’s production and defense methods so that it can continue to be on the same level as China, which the Space Force says is moving at a “breathtaking speed.” National Reconnaissance Office principal deputy director Troy Meink said America is “at a pivotal moment in history.” The NRO is the maker of US satellites.

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