Cuba Claims Florida Man Attempted Jet Ski Invasion

( – Cuba is a country that keeps a tight rule on its citizens. Since the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was financed by the United States under President John F. Kennedy’s leadership, the Cuban government has claimed that exiles would return to invade again. Now, it’s claiming that it foiled a terrorist plot.

On December 10, Diario de Cuba, a local newspaper, printed an article detailing a terrorist plot perpetrated by none other than a Florida man—a Cuban in exile—on a jet ski. The man, who has not been identified, reportedly parked his jet ski on the shores of the island’s northern coast, then traveled inward to Cienfuegos, where he’s originally from, on Saturday, December 9. From there, the man, who state media says was heavily armed, tried to enlist others in his plot to commit “violent actions.”

The media pointed fingers at two Florida groups, the New Cuban Nation in Arms and the New Cuban Nation, for allegedly being behind the plot. Both of these organizations have been labeled terrorist entities by Cuban officials. The foiled plot has triggered an investigation, not only into these two groups but also into the individuals the perpetrator tried to recruit and several Cuban citizens in exile living in Florida.

According to Humberto Lopez, who works for the state-run media, those under investigation “have links with terrorists who reside in that country and who publicly promote violent actions against Cuba” and “have received military training […] with weapons, physical preparation, and resources to execute these plans.”

Lopez continued by revealing the allegations that two men living in exile, Miguel Gómez Bartulo and Manuel Milanés Pizonero, supposedly offered a Cuban resident money to carry out havoc such as attacking public officials, burning cane fields, and destroying tobacco houses.

So far, none of these claims have been corroborated.

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