Dan Rather Goes Viral After Remarks About Trump

(NewsSpace.com) – Dan Rather has been a prominent figure in journalism for decades. He was the face of CBS News for a long time, where he delivered the happenings in the country to millions of viewers. These days, at the age of 92, he’s no longer on-air, but that hasn’t stopped him from expressing his opinions. He recently took on the matter of former President Donald Trump and has gone viral for his statements.

On April 3, Rather took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to clear up why he “vehemently oppose[s] Trump.” In a short post, he explains that it has nothing to do with politics, as he has previously voted for both Democrats and Republicans. Rather, his dislike of Trump stems from Rather being a “patriot,” and he held back no bones when he said it’s “simple” and he’s “rejecting a cheating, lying racist, treasonous, fascist, and vile man.”

Rather, who is 92 years old, points to his newsletter, encouraging people to sign up so that journalists can help “defend the country they love” against the former president. At the time of writing, Rather’s post had garnered more than 1.3 million views and more than 67,000 likes. Additionally, more than 20,000 people shared the post.

Reactions in the comments were mixed. Some wholeheartedly agreed with Rather that Trump isn’t what this country needs, while others called the former news anchor “fake news” and a “clown.”

This isn’t the first time that Rather has taken on Trump. He said the former president’s 2016 win made him even more motivated to continue covering the political sphere. Rather accused Trump of making “unrelenting” and “widespread” attacks on journalists and networks in “a blanket indictment of the press.”

Despite his dislike of the former president, Rather said last year that he believes that Trump could win re-election this year and that “it would be foolish” to think otherwise.

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