David DePape Convicted in Hammer Attack of Paul Pelosi

(NewsSpace.com) – On October 28, 2022, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband was brutally attacked in the couple’s San Francisco home. Authorities arrested 43-year-old David DePape and charged him with several offenses related to breaking in, assaulting, and attempting to kidnap Mrs. Pelosi. The case went to trial in mid-November, and now it has come to an end.

On Friday, November 17, the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California issued a press release detailing DePape’s conviction. He was found guilty of attempted kidnapping and assault.

Paul Pelosi testified on Monday, November 13, about the terrifying ordeal, including waking up to find DePape just feet from his bed with restraints and a hammer in his hands and asking “Where’s Nancy?”. Mr. Pelosi said he “recognized that [he] was in serious danger,” so his goal was to remain calm so as not to agitate DePape. He managed to call 911 and alert authorities to an intruder in his home, but when the police arrived, DePape attacked the congresswoman’s husband, striking him in the head three times “with full force,” resulting in a fractured skull. Mr. Pelosi underwent surgery to fix the damage.

During the trial, DePape showed little emotion as lead investigator FBI Special Agent Stephanie Minor listed out the numerous conspiracies and topics covered on his blog. His attorney tried to paint DePape as someone deeply concerned about the state of US politics, who claimed Nancy Pelosi is the “leader of the pack” and it was his job to “take her out.”

Evidence presented at the trial showed that DePape kept a file on Pelosi — and other politicians he deemed his “favorite” — and that he had planned to kidnap the congresswoman and, while holding her hostage, break her kneecaps.

It took less than a day for the jury to deliberate and return a guilty verdict on both accounts. DePape is due for sentencing on December 13 and faces a maximum of 50 years in prison.

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