Democrats From Multiple States Filing Suits To Keep RFK Jr Off The Ballot

( – The 2024 presidential election is just over four months away and barring any unforeseen developments, it will be a repeat of former President Donald Trump against incumbent Joe Biden. Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. is still fighting to get his name on enough state ballots to win the 270 electoral votes needed, but he’s facing an uphill battle. He’s committed to being on every single state’s list by the end of July, but Democrats are doing their best to keep him off.

Currently, RFK Jr. is on the ballot in five states: Michigan, Delaware, Utah, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. That leaves 45 to go. However, in five states, he’s facing legal challenges from Democrats who are attempting to block his bid. Those are taking place in North Carolina, New York, Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Democrats believe that RFK Jr. is a spoiler candidate, someone who is only on the ballot to draw votes away from one of the two primary candidates. They typically have little to no chance of actually winning.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) spokesperson Matt Corridoni accused MAGA of recruiting RFK Jr. to run. He said the independent candidate is backed “by Trump’s largest donor; and his own campaign staff has said their goal is to hurt President Biden.” He continued, saying that there was no path forward where RFK Jr. wins.

Scott Salmon, an election lawyer and Democrat who says he’s not affiliated with an outside group, is using his own money to sue to keep RFK Jr. off the ballot in New Jersey, because “it’s the right thing to do.” He’s attempting to use the state’s “sore loser law,” which bans any candidates who tried and failed to seek the nomination of a major political party in the election.

RFK Jr. has said he will continue to fight the uphill battle and will make sure he’s on the ballots come November 5.

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