Democrats Keep Abortion Pills On Hand In Case Trump Wins In November

( – The 2024 presidential election is under five months away and the candidates are pretty much set in stone. President Joe Biden is set to face off against his predecessor, former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. Many Democrats are reportedly worried about what another term under Trump would look like and are taking dramatic steps to prepare.

Abortion: A Hot-Button Issue

Abortion has been a very contentious issue for decades, but especially in the past two years since the nation’s highest court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision protecting termination at the federal level. The issue recently came before the Supreme Court again, this time involving the distribution of mifepristone, one of the two drugs needed to end a pregnancy. While the justices unanimously preserved access to mifepristone due to the plaintiffs’ lack of standing, some Democratic leaders are seemingly worried about what would happen to this access should Trump win in November.

As a result, they’re taking steps ahead of time.

Governors Stockpile Mifepristone

Democratic Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, made it clear in an interview that he believes Trump is a danger to abortion rights and access to the drug. So instead of waiting to see how another term under his leadership potentially plays out, he’s being proactive.

Inslee revealed that he has a large enough supply of the pills to preserve abortion access stored in a state warehouse. Because “it has a life span of five or six years,” he said that will carry his state through another four years with the former president at the helm.

Inslee isn’t the only governor to take such action, either. Others include Maura Healey (MA), Gavin Newsom (CA), Tina Kotek (OR), and Kathy Hochul (NY). Healey, speaking with WBUR-FM, said her state has 15,000 doses on hand and has had them in possession for more than a year already.

Is this Necessary?

Many are wondering if the drastic action of stockpiling a medication is necessary. Trump has made it clear time and again that he believes the right to determine abortion policy lies with the states. He said that after the landmark overturning of Roe and has said it on the campaign trail.

However, Democrats are worried that the former president will reverse course and seek a federal ban, including that of mifepristone, contrary to what he’s been saying all along and they want to be prepared for that eventuality. Others are already preparing legal cases should Trump win.

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