Derek Hough’s Wife Has Emergency Brain Surgery

( – Derek Hough is a professional ballroom and Latin dancer who put his chops on display on the popular television show “Dancing With the Stars” from 2007 to 2016. This year, he married Hayley Erbert, whom he met back in 2013 on a dance tour. Erbert recently experienced a medical emergency that required her to have brain surgery. Fortunately, she’s doing okay and is on the mend.

On Wednesday, December 6, Hough took to social media to announce that his wife had gone to the hospital when she became “disoriented” at a concert stop in the nation’s capital. At the hospital, Hough says Erbert was “diagnosed with a cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel and required an emergency craniectomy.” An intercranial hematoma is when blood collects within the skull, typically caused by a burst blood vessel that occurs as a result of trauma. When the blood collects, it puts pressure on the brain, which can be fatal if not treated immediately.

A craniectomy is when doctors go in and remove a portion of a patient’s skull to help relieve pressure on the brain. It’s a major life-saving surgery and can help reduce complications caused by extra pressure, swelling, or fluid on the brain.

At the end of the initial post, the dancer said his wife was “in stable condition” and thanked the medical team and first responders who helped with her care. On December 9, Hough posted an update on Instagram, saying Erbert “is now on the long road of recovery” and that he is inspired by “her will, her strength, and her resilience.”

Though Hough didn’t reveal how long his wife’s recovery would take, the Cleveland Clinic says the skull heals within a month or two, but the individual’s recovery can take years, especially after undergoing a crinioplasty to replace the piece of skull that was removed.

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