DeSantis Eliminates “Climate Change” From Florida Policy

( – Throughout his time in office, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has made it a point to eliminate woke ideologies from his policies. He’s gone on the offensive on matters like abortion and LGBTQ teachings in school. Now, he’s tackling another issue: climate change.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday, May 15, DeSantis made it clear that green energy initiatives have no place in his state. He signed three bills—HB 1645, HB 1331, and HB 7071—into law. He says the culmination of all three will ensure no windmills hit Florida beaches, there’s always gas in his constituents’ tanks, and China can’t gain a foothold. These efforts, he says, are “restoring sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of the radical green zealots.”

HB 1645 prioritizes the expansion of natural gas while banning wind farms near the state’s coastlines and offshore. This is a priority of former President Donald Trump’s as well. Additionally, it will delete several references to “climate change” in the state statutes.

HB 1331 safeguards against forced labor by banning companies that have been accused of such from getting state contracts. The final bill, HB 7071, seeks to eliminate foreign influence in the Sunshine State. The State Board of Administration cannot invest Florida’s funds in companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party. DeSantis posted a rundown of the bills on his account, as well.

The signing of these bills has naturally drawn mixed reactions. Environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers, including Rep. Lindsay Cross, are against the laws. Cross said she believes “it’s taking us absolutely in the wrong direction,” referring to the energy bill. She says DeSantis “and the state legislature are not acting in the best interest of Floridians, but rather to protect profits for the fossil fuel industry.”

DeSantis, however, says that he is simply “restoring sanity in the approach to energy.”

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