Dogs Who Failed TSA Training for Being “Too Nice” Can Be Adopted

( – Millions of people own dogs as pets. However, they also serve multiple purposes, such as guarding, drug sniffing, and search-and-rescue operations. Many government agencies employ them, and before they can go to work, they must undergo rigorous training. During this process, many are eliminated as being “too nice” or “too rambunctious” for the job at hand. Now, one governmental administration is offering up these pups for adoption.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) has a canine training center where pups undergo evaluation and training to become an integral part of the agency’s safety and security measures. When put to work, the K9’s main job is to sniff out any explosives and materials thereof. The TSA has a lot of ground to cover, so it trains hundreds of dogs each year. Sometimes, though, the pups aren’t a good fit, but they’re still great dogs, so the agency has now opened up an adoption program to find them homes.

There is no cost to adopt these dogs, but there is an application process. From there, the TSA will review the information, and if deemed a good fit, officials will share the available dogs with the potential adopters. They get a profile, a personality overview, and photos to help decide if it’s a pup that will fit in with their family and, more importantly, their lifestyle. Many of these pups are working and herding breeds, which are high-energy and therefore need more attention and exercise, and therefore aren’t for everyone.

If there’s a match, the adopters will visit Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland to pick up their new furry friends. According to Newsweek, the agency cautions that there may be lulls in availability. It could be months or years before a new pup comes up for adoption, and due to the demand, many won’t have the opportunity.

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