Ex-Girlfriend Charged in Judge’s Fentanyl Overdose Death

(NewsSpace.com) – The ex-girlfriend of a former associate Tarrant County, Texas, judge is facing charges after police allegedly uncovered evidence that the woman supplied drugs that led to his fatal overdose. Authorities say the former judge took pills laced with fentanyl, which he had received from the defendant. The charges take advantage of a new law that took effect on September 1, 2023, which holds drug suppliers criminally liable for murder if someone dies.

On February 13, Grapevine Police shared a press release, stating that 35-year-old Kami Ludwig had been arrested for murder and possession of a controlled substance. It notes that on November 20, 2023, Grapevine Police received a call to investigate a death at the 4100 block of Mapleridge Drive. Officers found the body of William Shane Nolen, 47, in his bedroom. They found numerous pills and determined that the victim had died of an overdose. Ludwig, who made the 911 call, was present and identified herself as the victim’s girlfriend. Investigators found drugs in her purse at that time and arrested her for possession of a controlled substance.

Law and Crime reports that Nolen’s skin was “bluish-purple” when responders arrived, and there was evidence that he had been foaming through his nose and mouth. The man’s 9-year-old son was at the scene when police found the body. Officers allegedly found Xanax pills scattered on the floor nearby, and they also found cocaine and pills stamped “M-30,” which contained fentanyl.

Detectives with the local police department worked with the Mid-Cities Drug Task Force to investigate the death, and together they claim they found evidence that Ludwig had bought the fentanyl-laced pills. They filed an arrest warrant on February 9, and she turned herself in three days later.

Investigators are still searching for the drug dealers who allegedly supplied Ludwig with the deadly pills. The subjects, only known as “Blue” and “T,” reportedly sent her the drugs in an Apple iPhone box from Louisiana.

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