Father Enters Plea After Being Charged With Killing Neighboring Family

(NewsSpace.com) – Idaho has been in the news lately for the murders of four university students at an off-campus residence in 2022. However, there was another mass killing event in the state earlier this year. A man allegedly walked into a neighbor’s house and murdered the entire family. He’s now agreed to plead guilty to reduced charges.

The crime happened on Father’s Day, back in June, when 32-year-old Majorjon Kaylor entered the neighbor’s house and shot everyone there. The victims were 65-year-old Kenneth Guardipee, Kenneth’s daughter, 41-year-old Kenna Guardipee, and her sons, 16-year-old Aiken Smith and 18-year-old Devin Smith. While the initial cause of the shooting wasn’t known, it was eventually revealed that Devin Smith was allegedly touching himself in plain sight of Kaylor’s wife and daughters.

When police arrested Kaylor, he reportedly admitted to the crimes, saying that he had spoken to Kenneth and Kenna Guardipee about the 18-year-old’s suspicious behavior, including the self-pleasuring and spying on his daughters, and they didn’t take him “seriously enough.” So, after a confrontation that went nowhere, he took matters into his own hands, admitting that he “lost it” and handled the problem himself. Each of the victims was shot in the head. Kaylor then told his wife that “he did what he had to do.”

Prosecutors offered Kaylor a plea deal in which they would reduce first-degree murder charges to second-degree and toss out a burglary charge for his entering the property without permission. They also said they wouldn’t seek the death penalty. Kaylor agreed to the terms and entered a guilty plea for the charges.

Right now, as it stands, Kaylor is facing a minimum of 10 years per charge, up to life in prison. The deal was reached between the prosecution, defense, and the Guardipees’ and Smiths’ surviving relatives, with a senior district judge mediating. Kaylor’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 25, 2024.

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