Father of the Bride Refuses To Pay For Child’s Dream Wedding

(NewsSpace.com) – There’s a tradition as old as time that when a couple gets married, the bride’s family will pay for the wedding. While that belief has evolved in modern times, with many paying their own way or at least contributing to the cost, some women still expect one or both of their parents to foot the bill. One father has gained widespread internet support for standing by his decision not to.

In a Reddit post under the AITA subreddit, one father explained his situation. He had originally agreed that he would pay for his daughter’s wedding but would not foot the bill for a destination wedding. That is a ceremony that takes place somewhere away from a person’s hometown and involves a lot of travel. In this case, the bride lives in New York and wants to get married in New Zealand.

The father of the bride says even his wife thinks they should pay for the nuptials “because [they] can afford it,” but that’s not the issue at hand. He says he simply feels it is “a pointless showing of wealth.” The wedding is estimated to cost $200,000 and does not include the guests’ out-of-pocket costs to attend.

While he is trying to remain steadfast in his decision, he said he’s wavering because neither his daughter nor his wife are speaking to him at the moment. He asked Reddit users if he should just “bite the bullet and essentially burn money, and alienate family members” to make her wishes come true. He elaborated when asked about alienating family members, explaining that many couldn’t afford the trip.

Users on the platform largely agreed with the man, with one saying the bride was “being selfish and unreasonable,” while another said if the daughter is unable to “pay for a destination wedding on her own,” then she shouldn’t have one.

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