Five-Year-Old Child Found Dead in Laundry Hamper

( – Anyone who has children knows that they can be very creative at getting themselves into sticky situations. Sometimes, though, this can lead to very real danger and result in injury or death. An investigation is underway in Trussville, Alabama, after the parents of a five-year-old found her unconscious inside a laundry hamper in their home.

On Monday, November 13, authorities were called to the home of a Trussville City Schools teacher just after 6:30 a.m. local time. When they arrived, the family members told police they found the little girl, identified as Khloe Teresa Williamson, inside a laundry basket. Fire and rescue services immediately transported the girl to St. Vincent’s East, but doctors couldn’t save her.

According to the Trussville Tribune, Police Chief Eric Rush said, “[a]ll indications at this time point to an accidental death,” and that there was no foul play or trauma involved. However, they are waiting on the reports from an autopsy, which was carried out the same day, before making a final determination. There is no cause of death listed at the time of writing; there is a pending investigation.

The Trussville City Schools issued a statement on X, formerly Twitter, the same day addressing the little girl’s death. Superintendent Dr. Patrick Martin said the “student was a precious, smart, and inquisitive child whose heartbreaking loss has affected us all.”

The statement went on to say that the school was providing counselors for children and staff in the wake of the “very sad and tragic event.” The school extended its thoughts and prayers to Williamson’s family.

An obituary posted on the Dignity Memorial website says the little girl died while playing with her brother and sister and described her as “a happy child [who] brought incredible joy to her family.” The memorial service for her took place on Saturday, November 18.

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