Florida Suspect in Killings of Two People at Homeless Camp Captured After Months Evading Police

(NewsSpace.com) – Most people, when they commit a crime, don’t want to be caught and will go to extensive lengths to avoid capture. Florida police recently caught up with a suspect wanted on suspicion of two murders. He surrendered without incident.

Enrique Martinez, 26, was wanted by Florida authorities in connection with the murder of a man, Edil Rodriguez, in a homeless camp last November. He had been shot three times. They also suspect him of being involved with the disappearance and death of Sierra Hernandez earlier in January. Her body was found on Monday, January 22.

According to Fox News, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Martinez had been successful in “avoiding [law enforcement] for a period of time,” but authorities never gave up. When they did catch up with him, he was “casually walking” on a sidewalk near Eagle Lake. Martinez attempted to flee into a tree line but eventually surrendered to deputies pursuing him. Judd said he spoke with the alleged murderer while he was in the car, and Martinez seemed nonchalant, noting he gave himself up. He had been on the run, evading police for at least two months.

That wasn’t Martinez’s first run-in with the law, by far. He’s been arrested on 13 felonies and 15 misdemeanor charges in the past. He has also been to prison, serving five years after he stabbed one of his ex-girlfriends in the face.

Despite having Martinez in custody, Judd said that the investigation into Hernandez’s murder is still ongoing and that the possibility of other suspects being involved in her death isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Her family, including her dad and brother, are behind bars because they were caught in the backyard of a home while reportedly looking for Sierra. Authorities charged five people with tampering with evidence and armed burglary after police discovered her dad had a weapon in his vehicle.

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