George Santos’ Replacement Is Here in Democrat Tom Suozzi

( – Former Representative George Santos (R-NY) was mired in controversy from the day he was elected. He was caught in several lies and embroiled in several scandals that led to his ouster from the House last December. To fill his seat, New York recently held a special election, and a Democrat won.

Democrat Tom Suozzi ran against Republican candidate Mazi Pilip to fill the open seat in New York’s Third District. With 93% of the votes counted, Suozzi was declared the winner by nearly 8%. He had 53.9% to Pilip’s 46.1%. Suozzi had previously won the seat in the 2020 general election, beating out none other than Santos.

When Santos won the House seat in November 2022, it helped give Republicans in the lower chamber a slight advantage. With his expulsion—Republicans sided with Democrats to remove him—and Suozzi winning his former seat, the GOP majority is now slimmer than ever. Naturally, several members had something to say about it.

Santos commented after the results came in, saying the GOP “set $10 million on fire,” referencing Republicans’ expensive attempt to get Pilip in office. Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) posted on X, formerly Twitter, asking who still thought Republicans siding with Democrats “was a good idea?”

Former President Donald Trump chimed in, too, on his TRUTH Social platform, attacking Pilip for the loss and blaming her distancing herself from him as the reason for her defeat. He claims her failure to endorse him and her decision to “straddle the fence” show how very little she understands about “MODERN DAY politics in America.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), however, had a different take on the situation and said it was no cause for celebration. He said Suozzi’s win came because of name recognition and a winter storm that affected turnout. Further, he pointed out that Democrats won the seat by less than 8 points. His counterpart, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), said they absolutely would celebrate the win.

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